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Crypto Amity LIMITED - is a successful Crypto-trading company. Our solutions are complex, automated and using the market`s leading self-learning trading program, which aims at high profits within a short period of time. AI gives us the prospect of hundreds of correct trading decisions in matters of seconds.

We focus on automated systems with artificial intelligence that work 24/7 in exchange trading. You could say that this is a money machine that never stops raising money for you! AI Trading Bot captures the best investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market by solving complex algorithms and automatically opening positions. Using various trading tools and analyzing the price history, he usually achieves optimal profits. But that's not all! We, two times, revolutionize the financial market and provide an opportunity for anyone to generate passive, safe income. We are working on many other innovative solutions in the financial industry and will provide you with many useful products!

55 days 5.0% daily
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $5.00 - $50.00 3.80
Plan 2 $51.00 - $100.00 4.40
Plan 3 $101.00 - $1000000.00 5.00
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Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $5.00 - $100.00 500.00
Plan 2 $101.00 - $5000.00 5000.00
Plan 3 $5001.00 and more 8000.00
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All payments are made to your account Daily.
Minimum spend is $10 and there is no maximum.
You may make an additional spend as many times as you like.

Use our referral program and earn up to 40.00% of referral deposits!

Our first level referral bonuses:
Name From To Commision (%)
Level 1 1 100 15.00
Level 2 101 10000 40.00

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